> I ended with doing the aforementioned 2 changes as one.

> The diff is living here:

> https://reviews.freebsd.org/D2655

> It spans the net80211 layer and converts (almost) all 802.11 drivers
> to new KPI. Now it also converts if_ndis, and this is the change I
> am asking you to test.

> Unlike all other drivers, converting if_ndis wasn't trivial. There are
> likely bugs introduced, so it may happen that we will need several
> rounds of testing.

> Totus tuus, Glebius.

What do I need to download?  There is a lot of stuff on the page you cite, and 
I see a link to the right, Download Raw Diff.  Is that what I'm supposed to 

What do you want me to test it on?  

I have Hiro H50191 USB WLAN adapter, including .inf and .sys files.

I also have, on MSI MPOWER motherboard, Atheros AR9271 quasi-USB WLAN, and 
Realtek 8111E Ethernet, with MS-Windows drivers but no .INF and .SYS files on 
DVD that came with the motherboard.

Is there a way to convert MS-Windows drivers that come with no .inf and .sys 
files to ndis-compatible format?  Or just test on the Hiro H50191?

Also, after applying the patch to the source tree, what if anything do I have 
to do to not be messed up for subsequent svn updates to source tree?


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