> I've build a small nanobsd image (for i386 arch) that include this patch:
> http://dev.bsdrp.net/FreeBSD/GLEBWIFI-0.2-full-i386-vga.img.xz

> You can install it on a small (128MB USB flash) for testing it without
> re-installing your system.
> Installation instruction for copying this image into a USB flash disk
> (/dev/da1 in this example):

> fetch http://dev.bsdrp.net/FreeBSD/GLEBWIFI-0.2-full-i386-vga.img.xz
> -o - | xzcat | dd of=/dev/da1 bs=128k
> Then boot on this USB flash disk.

> Regards,

> Olivier

Now there's another update from Gleb Smirnoff to try, so I think I'll try that, 
start "make buildworld" at bedtime.

I ran

svn revert -R /BETA1/usr/src

and intend to update and patch within a few hours.

I don't think anybody makes 128 MB USB sticks any more, smallest in current 
production may be 4 GB or 8 GB.  For the price, no use buying anything under 8 
GB or perhaps 16 GB.

I have two old IDE hard drives, 341 MB and 1271 MB, that I access with Sabrent 
USB 2.0 enclosure.

This enclosure also has eSATA interface that works with SATA but not IDE hard 

1271 MB drive worked when I last tried some months ago, but 341 MB drive just 
gives gibberish.  I don't know whether the 55 sectors per track is incompatible 
with USB adapter, or if the drive has gone bad.


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