You sent a patch, net80211.diff.bz2 .

Before I extract and apply the patch, how does that differ from D2655.diff ?  
Is it an updated version, does it include ndis or only FreeBSD-native drivers?

Do you want me to test Hiro H50191 with native rsu, or ndis, or both separately?

I guess I need to do, from src tree base,

svn revert
svn up .
patch < /path/to/net80211.diff

Does that look correct?

Packages/ports have fallen behind, due to problems with rsu driver and not 
being able to use Ethernet in FreeBSD (now OK), still on png-1.5.18; 
xorg-server is still on 1.12.4_7,1 .

An attempt to upgrade using portmaster in accordance with UPDATING 20141225 
instructions hit a snag, could possibly have rendered xorg-server nonrunnable.


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