> I ended with doing the aforementioned 2 changes as one.

> The diff is living here:

> https://reviews.freebsd.org/D2655

> It spans the net80211 layer and converts (almost) all 802.11 drivers
> to new KPI. Now it also converts if_ndis, and this is the change I
> am asking you to test.

> Unlike all other drivers, converting if_ndis wasn't trivial. There are
> likely bugs introduced, so it may happen that we will need several
> rounds of testing.

> Totus tuus, Glebius.

I have Hiro H50191 USB WLAN adapter, including .inf and .sys files.

I also have, on MSI MPOWER motherboard, Atheros AR9271 quasi-USB WLAN, and 
Realtek 8111E Ethernet, with MS-Windows drivers but no .INF and .SYS files on 
DVD that came with the motherboard.

Also, after applying the patch to the source tree, what if anything do I have 
to do to not be messed up for subsequent svn updates to source tree?

I didn't mean to send the same old message a second time (sorry); I was at a 
difficult-to-read interface, this is what I meant to send:

UPDATE, typing from FreeBSD vt and X crashing system:

I ran svn up on the source tree, applied the patch, make buildworld succeeded, 
but building the kernels all failed, with and without ndis, so I dare not make 
installworld, which would put userland out of sync with kernels and likely give 
me nonworking system.

Now, I try to startx as nonroot, then there is no more signal to monitor, but 
keyboard is recognized, at least CapsLock and ScrollLock light and unlight the 
LEDs.  Returning Ctrl-Alt-F1 blindly and typing "shutdown -r now" does nothing, 
I must press Reset button.

Now I want to undo the patch, unless there is something better you can suggest, 
like maybe a fix?

I want to get a working system again.

svn revert --depth=infinity     ?

I don't really know what happened that X won't start any more, it's on a 
Western Digital Green Drive bought at the end of May 2013, maybe it's nearing 
end of life?

Or maybe something with the buildworld and buildkernel had an adverse effect on 
the file system?

I think I'm missing something in the References headers but was doing the best 
I can without graphic interface.  Text DRMKMS screen I get when booting 
NetBSD-current looks the same as what I get in FreeBSD-current after returning 
from X, and much better-looking than the text vt screen I get upon booting 
FreeBSD before starting X.


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