On Mon, Aug 10, 2015 at 11:27 PM, Thomas Mueller <mueller6...@bellsouth.net>

> I guess I need to do, from src tree base,
> svn revert
> svn up .
> patch < /path/to/net80211.diff
> Does that look correct?
​I've build a small nanobsd image (for i386 arch) that include this patch:

You can install it on a small (128MB USB flash) for testing it without
re-installing your system.
Installation instruction for copying this image into a USB flash disk
(/dev/da1 in this example):

fetch http://dev.bsdrp.net/FreeBSD/GLEBWIFI-0.2-full-i386-vga.img.xz
-o - | xzcat | dd of=/dev/da1 bs=128k
Then boot on this USB flash disk.


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