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> According to our current release schedule, FreeBSD 18.0 will not come
> out for 35 years (2051).
> The general approach would appear to be just downloading new packages
> and updating the system. For a drastic upgrade like that, you'd likely
> have to build a newer version of pkg from ports.
> The approach for offering an upgrade from 10.x to 11.0 will be the more
> interesting endeavour.

I would actually say "don't do that (upgrade from 10 to 11 via pkg). Use 
freebsd-update instead, then upgrade to 11.1 or 12.0 via pkg". The rationale 
for this is that if you install the package from 10.x, and need to downgrade 
for whatever reason, you'll likely be dealing with a reinstall or a VM/zfs 
rollback as opposed to being able to install a downgraded base system/kernel 

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