> If these informations were more public I think there will be less 
> annoyed posts in mailinglist and more constructive critics / ideas / 
> patches.

And there other issues arising from the lack of communication:

How exactly bugs / incomplete features are treated in FreeBSD ?  Many
times the public gets the impression that save for the show-stopper bugs,
or bugs which affect the employers of FreeBSD developers, 
they don't get too much priority. If any. 

I talked before about VIMAGE and the bugs surrounding it. Some of those
bugs  are  there for years. Yes VIMAGE was good enough, and as was told
before in this thread a success. I am not contesting that. Yet not even
today all those bugs and memory leaks are fixed.  Patches for some  bugs
floated around, some where collected some not, only god knows. I heard that
now for FreeBSD 11 the FreeBSD foundation forked some money to get it
done. I hope they will.

Another example is the autofs mounter. The prject was marked as complete
by FreeBSD foundation in 2014. Last I tried it to autmount removable
devices, it left directory after directory in the autofs managed directory.
This is known behavior. It also did not worked as it should ??? (show it
manage removable media correctly ) changing CD/DVD media disks. Presumably
In could have somehow manage it to work by making yet another scaffolding
of scripts as a questionable glue between devd and automounters.  That if
devd receives media change notifications. I dont know. If not I could patch
the kernel, yeah. But it is just much to simple to not bother at all and
use OSx. 

DRM drivers ? Done, but more or less in the same state by years. At least
not important in server space. 

outlining those issues should not make anyone feel criticized. Things are
what they are, maybe its better to think what are the root causes of issues
like those outlined before. Does the project lacks manpower ? If it does
maybe the developers should do something to attract and nurse more and more
potential people.  Are those issues you dont want to work on or you dont
have an agenda to  make them bug free and work orthogonal? No problem, make
a statement and
say .. we wont ever do this , or it will take 6 years ... or whatever.

It is not helpful to complain that people do not appreciate your hard
work, becuae ppl do. Also not helpful to complain about tones which should
be toned down by 2 orders of magnitude, peasants and castles.   
 It is also not helpful to complain that people oppose progress when you
are pointed some issues.It couldn't be further removed from truth, at least
in my case. But I think most ppl on this list want progress. At least this
is my impression.  Too much of Unix is badly stuck in the past.
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