"Brandon D. Valentine" wrote:
> On Sun, 6 Aug 2000, Donn Miller wrote:
> >Anyone know why these devices want to attach to the ISA bus on a primarily
> >PCI bus machine?  My MoBo is an Asus SP97-V, which has a mixture of ISA
> >and PCI slots.  I was wondering maybe if even machines that have all PCI
> >slots, that there's still an internal ISA bus?  Check out my dmesg.
> I've got a machine with an Abit SL6 w/ AGP/PCI/CNR onboard, but no ISA
> slots, and it still has an ISA to PCI bridge built in.  Some of the
> devices still register with the kernel on the ISA bus, even though they
> are quite obviously connected to the PCI bus.  I suspect that some of
> these devices may be tied to the ISA bus in the BIOS for arcane PC/AT
> reasons.  I would be interested to know details though, if someone could
> spare a moment to give an over-the-top explanation of why this is true.

I'm working on a little util similar to pciconf -l right now.. but using
a large array of vendor/device strings for the id's.. Does pciconf -l
display those devices as being part of the PCI bus or are they out of
the picture completely?


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