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Valentine" writes:
: I've got a machine with an Abit SL6 w/ AGP/PCI/CNR onboard, but no ISA
: slots, and it still has an ISA to PCI bridge built in.  Some of the
: devices still register with the kernel on the ISA bus, even though they
: are quite obviously connected to the PCI bus.  I suspect that some of
: these devices may be tied to the ISA bus in the BIOS for arcane PC/AT
: reasons.  I would be interested to know details though, if someone could
: spare a moment to give an over-the-top explanation of why this is true.

Well, here's the short answer:

The reason you have a ISA to PCI bridge still is that the serial
ports, parallel ports, floppy, keyboard and mouse devices still live
on the ISA bus.  They aren't full PCI nodes just yet in most hardware
designs (I've yet to see a floppy, keyboard or mouse on the pci bus,
but I'm sure people will tell me where I can find such beasts).


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