In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Warner Losh writes:
: The reason you have a ISA to PCI bridge still is that the serial
: ports, parallel ports, floppy, keyboard and mouse devices still live
: on the ISA bus.  They aren't full PCI nodes just yet in most hardware
: designs (I've yet to see a floppy, keyboard or mouse on the pci bus,
: but I'm sure people will tell me where I can find such beasts).

I should have also added:

Even though there are no ISA expansion slots on your machine, you
still have an ISA bus living inside (unless it is a legacy free
machine we keep hearing about, which I didn't think was on the
market).  The PC-99 standard (not to be confused with the Japanese
PC-98 machines) states that you cannot have a ISA expansion slot, but
a later clarification to the standard states clearly that you can
still have ISA devices built into the mother board.

In other words, No ISA slots doesn't necessarily mean that the machine 
doesn't have an ISA bus.


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