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>: The reason you have a ISA to PCI bridge still is that the serial
>: ports, parallel ports, floppy, keyboard and mouse devices still live
>: on the ISA bus.  They aren't full PCI nodes just yet in most hardware
>: designs (I've yet to see a floppy, keyboard or mouse on the pci bus,
>: but I'm sure people will tell me where I can find such beasts).
>I should have also added:
>Even though there are no ISA expansion slots on your machine, you
>still have an ISA bus living inside (unless it is a legacy free
>machine we keep hearing about, which I didn't think was on the
>market).  The PC-99 standard (not to be confused with the Japanese
>PC-98 machines) states that you cannot have a ISA expansion slot, but
>a later clarification to the standard states clearly that you can
>still have ISA devices built into the mother board.
>In other words, No ISA slots doesn't necessarily mean that the machine 
>doesn't have an ISA bus.

Well, I understand that, my question is, why are true PCI devices like
video controllers still shown as being on isa0 by the kernel?  I wanted
an explanation of that.  That's what doesn't make sense to me.  Perhaps
there's a valid PC/AT hardware limitation reason for it.  Otherwise it
seems silly. =)

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