> This is on a recently-built -current box.  When I try to move ftp from
> port 21 to port 2121 in /etc/services, I get a "Connection
> refused" message when I try to login to anonymous ftp sites.  Should ftp
> be this dependent on /etc/services?  What if you _have_ no services
> running, e.g. inetd & portmap?  Returning ftp to port 21 in services fixes
> this problem.  I posted earlier about my problems with ftp recently.

Yes! From man 5 services:

     The services file contains information regarding the known services
     available in the DARPA Internet.  For each service a single line should
     be present with the following information:

If you wish to have your ftp-service on a diffrent port you simply tell inetd 
to use that port in inetd.conf.

/etc/services is not only used by inetd.

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