Donn Miller wrote:

> This is on a recently-built -current box.  When I try to move ftp from
> port 21 to port 2121 in /etc/services, I get a "Connection refused"
> message when I try to login to anonymous ftp sites.

Well _there's_ a surprise.


> Should ftp be this dependent on /etc/services?

Uh, yes, that's the whole _point_ of /etc/services, so you can
dynamically get a port number rather than hardcoding it.  Of course,
the port number for things like ftp/http/smtp and the other popular
protocols are very unlikely to ever change, but that's not the point.
If you change port numbers in /etc/services, things will break.

> What if you _have_ no services running, e.g. inetd & portmap?

?? What relevance does that have to your problem/question?

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