On Wed, 16 Aug 2000 05:39:33 -0400, Donn Miller wrote:

> This is on a recently-built -current box.  When I try to move ftp from
> port 21 to port 2121 in /etc/services, I get a "Connection
> refused" message when I try to login to anonymous ftp sites.

Sounds like ftp(1) is doing its job -- it defaults to using the ``ftp''
port, as resolved using the /etc/services file.  If you insist on
messing around withy /etc/services, then you can specify a port number
to ftp(1) on the command line.  See the -P option described in the
ftp(1) manual page.

If you're messing around with /etc/services just because you want to run
ftpd(8) on a non-standard port, then I think you're going about it the
wrong way.  You should rather add a new service to /etc/services, called
something like ``ftp-weird'', and then configure inetd(8) to launch
ftpd(8) to handle connections to ``ftp-weird''.

It's a little odd that ftpd(8) can be started and run as a listening
daemon, and yet provides no option for specifying the port on which it
should listen.


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