On 16-Aug-00 Donn Miller wrote:
> refused" message when I try to login to anonymous ftp sites.  Should ftp
> be this dependent on /etc/services?  What if you _have_ no services
> running, e.g. inetd & portmap?  Returning ftp to port 21 in services fixes

        I think the answer to this is 'yes it should', /etc/services is just a
port number to service name mapping with no connection to whatever services are
running. The ftp client 'knows' it should talk to the ftp service and checks in
/etc/services for the corresponding port number then makes a connection to that
port on the specified host.

        If you were trying to get a local ftp server listening on port 2121 (no
reason why not) then you would need to change inetd.conf (or rig the ftp server
to run standalone on port 2121).

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