In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Mitsuru IWASAKI wrote:
>> In summary, my suggestions are
>>  - i386/i386/acpi_machdep.c
>>      acpi_find_rsdp() and acpi_mapmem()
>>  - dev/acpi/acpi.c
>>      acpi_identify() and acpi_find_facp()
>Here is a patch for your megapatch at
>I'll be happy if you accept and commit this :-)

I think it is better bus attachment code is in MD part than in MI part.
And MD bus attachment code calls MI bus attachment code.

For example,Current acpi_probe code rename to acpi_probesubr and
 call it from acpi_probe in acpi_machdep.c . 

And probe method and identify method should not be confused.
Memory area check etc.... can be in MD acpi probe code.

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