Ok.  Based on all the suggestions, received today, and some more ideas 
besides, here's the latest megapatch.

 - Move all register I/O into a new file
 - Move event handling into a new file
 - Move headers to acpivar/acpireg/acpiio
 - Move find-RSDT and find-ACPI-owened-memory into acpi_machdep
 - Allocate all resources (except OperationRegions in AML) using
   real resources.  AML fix will now be easy though.
 - Remove all ACPI #ifdefs
 - Minor style and commenting fixes
 - Removed unnecessary #includes

Please test this; there are lots of opportunities for error in these 
changes.  In particular, I am afraid that I may have broken I/O from AML 
bytecode.  Hopefully with this committed I can finally get to work on the 
thermal management. 8)


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