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> Christopher Masto wrote:
> > I am told that the Apple "AirPort Base Station", which is $399, works
> > well and can be configured with the Java-based thing in the ports
> > collection.  I am further told that the Lucent/ORiNOCO RG-1000 base
> > station is virtually identical, although more expensive and somehow
> > inferior, although I don't understand the exact inferiorities.
> It is inferior in two ways:

     Also, there are other alternatives to the AirPort (which is closer
to $299 than $399).  One is the Buffalo AirStation (around $280-$340,
depending on options -- see  Other, cheaper,
access points have been mentioned here in earlier messages.  The
AirStation is sold in the US by TechWorks (
among possibly others.

     I've got an AirStation, and it's not bad.  Like most access points,
it has only 40-bit encryption, though.  It's configurable via a web
browser, using password-protected web pages.  However, because of this,
the configuration needs to be done via a secure, wired lan, as the web
passwords are transmitted in plain text.

        Darryl Okahata

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