On Sun, Dec 10, 2000 at 11:42:38AM -0600, Mike Meyer wrote:

> > Ports, on the other hand are installed in /usr/local or /usr/X11R6.
> What happend to "that's what PREFIX is for"?

I was speaking about the default behaviour.  If you want the port to
go somewhere other than /usr/local, PREFIX or LOCALBASE is available
to change that.  You should be able to set this in /etc/make.conf to
change the site behaviour.

I think I finally understand what you are complaining about, and that
is that PREFIX is not honoured by all ports.  If that is your
argument, then yes, obviously that should be fixed if possible.  But
to say that installing ports into /usr/local is somehow wrong, I have
to disagree.  This is a site dependent decision, which can be
overridden through the use of PREFIX or LOCALBASE.  If the override
mechanism is broken for a port, then it should be fixed.  If you wish
to change the default from /usr/local to something else, then you need
to present good arguments for doing so, and if your arguments are good
enough and directed to the right people, it will happen.

[/me scurries off in shame to fix my broken port to honour PREFIX.]


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