> I think I finally understand what you are complaining about, and that
> is that PREFIX is not honoured by all ports.  If that is your
> argument, then yes, obviously that should be fixed if possible.  But
> to say that installing ports into /usr/local is somehow wrong, I have
> to disagree.  This is a site dependent decision, which can be

I believe the argument is that *packages* don't belong to /usr/local. And I
agree. Ports are easy, because you can use PREFIX and put them wherever you
want (if the port is well behaved). But packages are precompiled and there is
this thing called package database that keeps track of what file belongs

The argument is simple: currently, packages install into /usr/local. Local
software which is not a package or port also installs into /usr/local. It's a
mess because you don't know if a file belongs to a package (and the package
system keeps track of it in /var/db/pkg) or if it was locally installed. So,
can you remove this file?

It's roughly comparable to the situation that would arise if we would install
packages into /usr - you wouldn't know if a file belongs to a package or to
the base system and you wouldn't know if you can safely remove it.

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