Mike Meyer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Whether or not it's part of FreeBSD is immaterial. It's part of the
> distribution that comes from FreeBSD, and is treated differentlyh from
> locally installed software (whether written locally or by a third
> party) in every case *except* where it installs - and that's only
> because it's installed in the wrong place.
> In other words, "It's not part of FreeBSD" is a rationalization.

Your argument doesn't make much sense to me.

So if I compile sawfish myself I should install it in /usr/local, but if
I install a FreeBSD package for it, it should never go in /usr/local?

If I grab a sawfish FreeBSD package from the sawfish website, where
should that install? /usr/local? /opt? /usr/pkg?

Third party software is third party software, no matter who compiled
and packaged it.

If I install a package of third-party software, the end result should
be about the same as if I compiled and installed it by hand -- the
packaged software is a convenience, not a fundamentally different


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