On Sun, Dec 10, 2000 at 12:12:59PM -0500, Nat Lanza wrote:
> Your argument doesn't make much sense to me.

It make total sense to me.
> So if I compile sawfish myself I should install it in /usr/local, but if
> I install a FreeBSD package for it, it should never go in /usr/local?


> Third party software is third party software, no matter who compiled
> and packaged it.

No, the issue is one of "preciousness".  In other words why backup
software that I can just do `pkg_add' to get again?  Or if I want to
easily start from scratch and update all my FreeBSD Packages?
``rm -rf /usr/pkg'' followed by a bunch of ``pkg_add -r'' is way easy.
Similarly to me not backing up /usr on a FreeBSD machine.  Why bother as
I have a Live-FS cdrom I can get a copy from.  Nor many people backup
the /home/ncvs directory (see PHK's message about this also in -current)
as a simple CVSup will get you a new copy.

Now scripts I wrote and software I went to the trouble to download, hacke
the Makefiles to DRTR, etc.. have a *LOT* more effort put into getting
them working.  Thus they are more precious and are treated more dearly.
Maybe even backed up. ;-)

Thus there _are_ three classes of software in FreeBSD'ville.
1. lives in /usr/src and installed by `make world'
2. lives in /usr/ports and installed by `make install' or `pkg_add'.
3. locally written or obtained

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