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> No, the issue is one of "preciousness".  In other words why backup
> software that I can just do `pkg_add' to get again?  Or if I want to
> easily start from scratch and update all my FreeBSD Packages?

This is an entirely reasonable argument; I don't tend to group
software this way, so I hadn't thought of it like this.

This is probably because in my world, we use a somewhat different
model for software installation -- CMU is heavily dependent on AFS,
and software tends to be installed on local machines out of backed-up
AFS volumes through something like depot. So every package has its own
little directory tree, and it's all merged together at install time
into /usr/local or /usr/contributed or something like that. So we
don't differentiate how precious software is by where it's installed
-- the directories it's installed _from_ are the key bit, and the
destination directories can be wiped and recreated at any time.


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