On Sun, Dec 10, 2000 at 12:26:38PM -0800, Joe Kelsey wrote:
> This thread is also about a completely separate issue, which is a
> deficiency in the package command used on FreeBSD.  The basic problem
> with pkg_add et al., as opposed to, for instance, SVR4 pkgadd, is that
> it does not allow the local administrator to change the installation
> directory.

pkg_add *does* allow the installer to choose the installation
directory -- the "-p" option.  The issue is one of *compiled* in paths.
So if Satoshi builds port foobar (which as a config file etc/foobar.conf)
then the foobar binary has "/usr/local/etc" burned into it because that
is what Satoshi had PREFIX set to.

> To the extent that NetBSD *forces* the local administrator to use
> /usr/pkg, I find it contains the same deficiency.

Nope.  One can ``ln -s /usr/local /usr/pkg'' and get the behavior those
that like everything in one place prefers while still segregating stuff
for those that prefer it.

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