On Mon, Dec 11, 2000 at 12:37:54AM -0500, David Gilbert wrote:
> ... but /usr/pkg supplanting /usr/local is one of the things that I
> like about NetBSD.

/usr/pkg sounds a little bit odd ... ( at least for my ears).

Why not choose what Solaris uses (/opt) ?

It would be an advantage, when designing filesystem size of your OS,
that now you would have two completely separate paths /usr and /opt.

Installing ports in /usr means, having a too large /usr or to mount
a new filsystem under /usr (/usr/local). Mounting an fs under a mounted
fs I dislike much ...

What about the following installation hierarchy

        with symlinks to

This would be an advantage for larger packages, as now you can very
easily see, what belongs to a package and what not.

Additionally you can install multiple versions of a port at the
same time, and slowly migrate the configs/settings to the new port.

For critical server application this scheme gives you  more fine grained
control, concerning what version to use and you can easily go back if
you need...

pkg_version -c is cool, but it simply overwrites your working port,
keeps the configs, but pray, that everything runs.

The above suggested symlinks are a needed evil, so that you again only
need one place for manpages and binaries...

It gives you a lot more directories and symlinks, but when installing
it on a different filesystem, I think you can very easily live with
it, concerning the better control over installed packages.

Another plus is, that you now see _directly_, what files, config-files,
etc belong to a software, that is huge and complex ...

packages like KDE wouldn't f*up /usr/local as they do now.
Teaching KDE to install in /usr/local/kde is complex and I lost
fun doing so when I frist tried a year ago...

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