> Then again, your quoting of "packages" points up something else - I
> never saw prepackaged binaries for v6 or v7.

I did on SysIII.  As a matter of fact, the entire distribution was
bundled into separate packets (all of them installed in /usr). :(

> Or BSD, for that matter. I never encounterd a package system until
> Solaris.  That would make /opt a tradition as old as packages.

Not true.  There were package systems before 'Solaris', however
Solaris's package utility was much more powerful (annoying?) than
previous attempts.  One could argue that cpio is a 'package' utility,
but shar is probably the first 'package' utility that was used for

In any case, I think you're wasting your time trying to convince folks
here.  It appears to me that this is an argument going nowhere, and the
claims you're making of history and tradition are way off the mark, thus
making the arguments have much less weight.


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