> >
> >Looks like I've got a similar problem only its aic7880/wide
> >I've got a Dell optiplex 450 with an Adaptec 2940uw controller which can 
> >boot but can't "mountroot".
> Perhaps something happend recently that makes it difficult to get
> "largish" chuncks of contiguous memory?  You'll have to instrument
> the driver to find out where the attach is failing.  Start by going
> into aic7xxx.c:ahc_init() and adding a printf to all of the early
> returns.  If that doesn't catch it, do the same for
> aic7xxx_pci.c:aic7xxx_config().

In aic7xxx_pci.c:ahc_pci_config() the call to ahc_pci_map_int(ahc) is
failing.  bus_alloc_resource() appears to need more time than I have
right now so that will have to wait till tonight :-)  It does look like
a more fundamental problem below the scsi driver is involved.

Thanks Justin.


Mark Hittinger

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