On Thu, 22 Mar 2001, Mike Smith wrote:
> The interrupt is shareable; the BIOS knows best, and the ATA driver 
> should sod off in this case.
> If we want to argue about it, we can get a dump of the PCI interrupt 
> routing table for this machine. 8)  Soren's concern is that some systems 
> route IRQ 14 and 15 very oddly, but the only region for conflicts is 
> really IRQs assigned to ISA devices.

I'm of the opinion that the ATA driver shouldn't be mucking about with
resources that the PCI device hasn't assigned it but he claims he can't
get the information anywhere else for broken ATA devices that don't
request resources.  I'm pretty sure that hints work for PCI devices too
right?  :)

Damn cheap hardware.

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