* Doug Barton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [010417 01:08] wrote:
> Matt Dillon wrote:
> >     It is not implying that at all.  There is no black and white here.
> >     This is a case where spending a huge amount of time and complexity
> >     to get the efficiency down to the Nth degree is nothing but a waste
> >     of time.  What matters is what the user sees, what performance
> >     the application gets, and how many bugs you introduce when optimizing
> >     something that might not need optimizing.
>       Sooo..... sounds like making "on" the default in -current is a worthy
> experiment?

More like I'm damn tired of having to remeber to turn it on all my
machines in order to get decent performance when doing large amount
of directory ops.

I'm figuring the only time when it may be a problem is on machines
with a small amount of memory.  Since memory is cheap, I plan on
turning it on within the next couple of days unless a stability
issue comes up.

I'll leave it to those people with low memory to remember to turn
it off.

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