If memory serves me right, "Andrey A. Chernov" wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 12, 2001 at 00:51:32 +0900, Motoyuki Konno wrote:
> > 
> > o  tell Nik about the change.
> > 
> >    Nik is responsible for doc/ tree.
> > 
> > o  discussion about "when" we do repo-copy.
> > 
> >    To minimize the side effect of the change,  prior announcement
> >    (at least, to [EMAIL PROTECTED]) and discussion are very important.  
> 1) I post HEADS UP to -doc several hours before the change happens - no
> one object.

Let's see.  You sent a heads-up to -CURRENT for /usr/src/release/doc and
/usr/doc at "Mon, 11 Jun 2001 03:56:50 +0400".  This was the first hint
that I would have had that you were going to touch RELNOTESng at all.
The commit that renamed RELNOTESng happened about "2001/06/10 18:48:17
PDT". This was, er, let's see, about *two hours* later?!?

No wonder no one objected...I bet you were already finished before most 
people read your heads-up message!  Did you realistically think that a 
two-hour advance notice on a weekend was sufficient?

> 2) Peter does repo-copy as I ask. I have wrong assumption that he
> coordinates with Nik at this subj. 
> >    doc/ and src/ is different.  Renaming under doc/ is not "must".
> All changes of such nature are not "must" - there are always hackarounds
> exists. The reason for them is to minimize constant efforts and
> possible confusion.

There would have been less confusion if your heads-up had actually been 
sent with enough advance warning that people would have actually *read* 

> > For example, see the definition of "DOC_LANG" in src/release/Makefile.
> Did you actually look there? I already fix it for -current and plan to
> MFC, but stuck in current misunderstanding we discuss.

You broke the overnight snapshot build of RELNOTESng for RELENG_4 (jkh 
just sent me the build failure report).  But I see now that you've just 
MFC-ed something to src/release/Makefile...hope this fixes it.

For the record, I'd just like to state my extreme annoyance at this lack
of notification.  I don't think I'm being overly demanding.  It'd have
been good enough for me personally if, say, two days ago, you'd sent a
message to -doc saying "we're going to re-do some of the I18N stuff, go
read -i18n for details".


PS.  And perhaps someone can tell me if these changes are going to get 
MFC-ed and if so, how RELNOTESng is going to get handled.  Remember, 
it's branched, unlike doc/.

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