At 1:18 AM +0400 6/12/01, Andrey A. Chernov wrote:
>I understand now. That info you can provide from the beginning
>to minimize messages exchange. I am open to discuss how to fix it.

I think it is probably best to let Bruce Mah figure out why
it has broken, and let him provide the best "immediate fix"
for that problem.  This is not a good time to start on some
larger debate.  Just let them fix it.

>My suggestions are:
>       [...]
>       Backing out my doc/ changes.
>       (YES!!! I realy tired of amount of complaints given on
>        this technically simple issue from doc/ people. Nobody
>       can be 100% accurate.

People are probably particularly sensitive to this change because
it broke freebsd-stable.  I realize you were not expecting any
affect at all in freebsd-stable, but this area of the system is
apparently set up in a way where it is not easy to make changes
to "just freebsd-current" without some side-effects for freebsd-

Even if the change you MEANT to make is "technically simple", it
is just a major hassle if freebsd-stable is broken.  The fact
that you didn't MEAN to break stable does not actually help anyone.
As long as stable remains broken, then they still can not get on
with their own work, and they will still be upset with you.

It is not that everyone hates the specific change you were
making, it is that everyone hates it when freebsd-stable can
not be built.  (SOME people may not like the specific change,
but EVERYONE hates it when freebsd-stable is busted...)

It also did not calm people down when you did not understand
that they were complaining about freebsd-stable.  The more
you replied about freebsd-current, the more anxious and upset
everyone will become.

My hope is that Bruce (or Nik, or someone...) can also come up
with a longer-term fix such that changes to RELNOTESng on
freebsd-current will not break system builds on freebsd-stable.
Since I am pretty useless when it comes to documentation (I am
a systems-programmer after all :-), I'll let them worry about
the details.

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