If memory serves me right, "Andrey A. Chernov" wrote:

> > There would have been less confusion if your heads-up had actually been=
> =20
> > sent with enough advance warning that people would have actually *read*=
> =20
> > it.
> I agree, but just imagine that I have assumption that Peter already
> resolve this issue with Nick (since he do repo copy) and you'll find=20
> a reason to not be extra-cautious.

Grrrrr...no, I wouldn't find a reason to not be "extra-cautious".  But 
I'm probably not going to convince you of that.

> > You broke the overnight snapshot build of RELNOTESng for RELENG_4 (jkh=20
> > just sent me the build failure report).  But I see now that you've just=
> =20
> > MFC-ed something to src/release/Makefile...hope this fixes it.
> Immediate MFC is against our policy, isn't?=20

So is immediate breakage.

> Tell me if there any problems appearse.

RELNOTESng is broken for RELENG_4.  I would have warned you about the 
possibility of this, if you'd bothered to ask first.

> > PS.  And perhaps someone can tell me if these changes are going to get=20
> > MFC-ed and if so, how RELNOTESng is going to get handled.  Remember,=20
> > it's branched, unlike doc/.
> src locale rename changes not be MFC-ed, they are for 5.x branch only.
> Since RELNOTES branched I left to RELNOTES poeople to decide if they
> want to follow new names policy or not.

(Bruce starts wondering why he bothered to get a haircut this weekend,
because he's starting to pull his hair out now.  In chunks.)

Arrrrgh.  Look, Andrey, *I'm* the person who designed RELNOTESng, and
this is the first *I've* heard of it!  :-(

I'd go on, but I'm remembering a (good) rule about not fighting with
other committers in public.  I'll invoke this on myself now.

It looks like the easiest way out of this will be to follow your new
names policy on the RELENG_4 branch (at least for doc/ and src/release/
doc/).  This will involve a repo-copy at the least, but I've never seen
a repo-copy done for files on a branch.  Please *don't* do this.  Let
*me* first do some *testing* first, and then ask for the repo-copy
myself when I'm satisfied that it will work.  Also before doing this I
want to find out if nik wants to take any other actions for doc/, in
case there are changes that might need to be coordinated.


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