Dima Dorfman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> (The first URL still exists because the contents of the web site is
> never actually wiped; normally, it's just installed over.)  This
> breaks *a lot* of links.  Not only within the web site, but external
> links as well.  This is, quite franky, unacceptable.  Using symbolic
> links or HTTP redirects to remedy this is unsatisfying.  We've had
> this discussion before, and symlinks are *evil* on web sites (just ask
> wosch), and HTTP redirects simply don't work for mirrors.
> At this point, I'd just like to hear what kind of solution you have
> for the above problem.  We already changed most of the URLs some
> months ago; I don't think anybody wants to do it again.

Hmm.  I think we'd better back out the repo-copy and changes
as soon as possible.

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