I'm picking a random message out of the thread to reply to, and as
much as I hate contributing to a flame-war, this issue has not yet
been mentioned.

All the bickering about this not being discussed aside, fixing the
relnotes isn't going to be the end of the story: the web site is
broken.  Well, sort of.  It builds fine, but not in the right place.
The URLs for the doc part of the web site correspond directly to the
directories in the repository.  E.g., we have URLs like this:


With this change, the above turned into:


(The first URL still exists because the contents of the web site is
never actually wiped; normally, it's just installed over.)  This
breaks *a lot* of links.  Not only within the web site, but external
links as well.  This is, quite franky, unacceptable.  Using symbolic
links or HTTP redirects to remedy this is unsatisfying.  We've had
this discussion before, and symlinks are *evil* on web sites (just ask
wosch), and HTTP redirects simply don't work for mirrors.

At this point, I'd just like to hear what kind of solution you have
for the above problem.  We already changed most of the URLs some
months ago; I don't think anybody wants to do it again.


                                        Dima Dorfman
                                        [EMAIL PROTECTED]

P.S. Some time ago, I heard someone say that any proposed change that
creates work for or causes grief for a group of people should be
communicated to that group of people *prior* to being enacted.  (This
isn't an official rule; I saw this on one of the lists.)  This
cosmetic (yes, I think removing an underscore is more cosmetic than it
is technical) change certainly causes work for (e.g., bmah fixing
relnotes) and grief for (just look at this thread) some people.  It is
akin to the /modules -> /boot/kernel switch; it's probably a good
thing, but it affects so many people that one shouldn't simply do it
on a whim.

P.P.S. I apologize in advance if this e-mail offended anybody; that
was certainly not my intention.

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