mark> This looks right to me. One main PIIX4 ATA controller with two
mark> independent IDE channels (usually referred to as a Primary and a
mark> Secondary IDE controller). Usually the PC BIOS will allow you to
mark> turn on/off these channels independently. Does your bios allow
mark> you to turn off the Secondary?

This machine has no BIOS setting menu to enable/disable 2nd IDE bus.
There is only primary IDE bus configuration.

mark> I don't think the HDD is being detected twice. Try this instead:
mark>     % sudo atacontrol info 0
mark>     % sudo atacontrol info 1

Thanks you for your suggestion, gimme a chance to try again:

% atacontrol info 0
Master:  ad0 <IBM-DJSA-220/JS4OAC3A> ATA/ATAPI rev 5
Slave:       no device present
% atacontrol info 1
Master:      no device present
Slave:       no device present
% atacontrol info 2

Hmm, ata driver says there are two buses. But why? 4-stable kernel
doesn't recognize ata1.

If it's true that this machine has _actually_ two ata buses, I'll try
to change irq of fxp0 (hope BIOS menu helps me...)

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