It seems Makoto MATSUSHITA wrote:
> sos> Thats because of the runtime attach/detach code in current, if the
> sos> channel HW is there, its attached so you can add a device later
> sos> with atacontrol without having to boot. In -stable the channel is 
> sos> not attached if no devices are present at probe time.
> Thanks for your clear explanation,  I just understand what and why.

OK, glad to be of help..

> > If it's true that this machine has _actually_ two ata buses, I'll
> > try to change irq of fxp0 (hope BIOS menu helps me...)
> sos> It does, most ATA chips does not allow to disable only one of the
> sos> channels.
> Hmm, maybe this problem (fxp0 doesn't attach) comes from that the
> driver doesn't allow to use shared IRQ.  Anybody knows why?  is it by
> hardware itself?

Well, sortof, the ata driver doesn't allow for sharing irq14&15 
since lots of boards doesn't work that way. However if you need
it you can try to add the shared flag in the driver and see if 
it works on yours. Hmm, maybe I should make this tunable...


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