It seems Makoto MATSUSHITA wrote:
> % atacontrol info 0
> Master:  ad0 <IBM-DJSA-220/JS4OAC3A> ATA/ATAPI rev 5
> Slave:       no device present
> % atacontrol info 1
> Master:      no device present
> Slave:       no device present
> % atacontrol info 2
> %
> Hmm, ata driver says there are two buses. But why? 4-stable kernel
> doesn't recognize ata1.

Thats because of the runtime attach/detach code in current, if the
channel HW is there, its attached so you can add a device later
with atacontrol without having to boot. In -stable the channel is 
not attached if no devices are present at probe time.

> If it's true that this machine has _actually_ two ata buses, I'll try
> to change irq of fxp0 (hope BIOS menu helps me...)

It does, most ATA chips does not allow to disable only one of the


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