sos> Well, sortof, the ata driver doesn't allow for sharing irq14&15 
sos> since lots of boards doesn't work that way. However if you need
sos> it you can try to add the shared flag in the driver and see if 
sos> it works on yours. Hmm, maybe I should make this tunable...

It this patch OK? I've tested a kernel with this patch and it works.

This patch simply adds a new kernel MIB (hw.ata.shareable in this
patch, but I have no idea about its name), and if this MIB value is
non-zero, ata driver doesn't drop RF_SHAREABLE bit for BUS_ALLOC_RESOURCE().

-- -

--- ata-pci.c.dist      Fri Jun  8 18:51:33 2001
+++ ata-pci.c   Fri Jul  6 16:35:43 2001
@@ -61,6 +61,15 @@
     int irqcnt;
+/* internal vars */
+static int ata_shareable = 0;
+TUNABLE_INT("hw.ata.shareable", &ata_shareable);
+/* sysctl vars */
+SYSCTL_INT(_hw_ata, OID_AUTO, shareable, CTLFLAG_RD, &ata_shareable, 0,
+           "ATA pci-bus shareable IRQs");
 ata_find_dev(device_t dev, u_int32_t type, u_int32_t revid)
@@ -515,7 +524,8 @@
            return BUS_ALLOC_RESOURCE(device_get_parent(dev), child,
                                      SYS_RES_IRQ, rid,
-                                     irq, irq, 1, flags & ~RF_SHAREABLE);
+                                     irq, irq, 1, (ata_shareable ?
+                                     flags : flags & ~RF_SHAREABLE));
        else {

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