On Sat, Aug 11, 2001 at 01:04:07PM -0700, John Polstra wrote:
> I have no argument about the keyboard probes.  I just want to add
> that in the case of the Belkin OmniView, it should be noted that
> Belkin shipped a bunch of them with a couple of EPROM chips swapped
> accidentally.  There's a page on the Belkin web site that tells how to
> check for it and how to fix it.  Once I put the chips into the right
> sockets, my OmniView started working a _whole_ lot better. :-) The
> weird thing is, it appeared to kind of sort of work most of the time
> even before.  So all along I assumed it was just a poorly designed
> device, when actually it was just assembled wrong.  (I still think
> it's a poorly designed device, but it's a lot better than it was
> before I swapped the chips.)

I had the same problems, and took my KVM switch apart, expecting to find
the chips reversed.  They were in fact installed correctly, so at least in
my case, the problem exists regardless.  If I'm careful to have the KVM
switch on the same channel as a booting machine, and leave it on that
channel until the probing is done, everything seems to work fine.
Otherwise, the keyboard is not detected.


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