"Brandon D. Valentine" wrote:
> On Thu, 27 Sep 2001, Jordan Hubbard wrote:
> >Progress in these types of situations nearly always comes from people
> >with enough self-interest in the problem area to actually commit to
> >working on it.  Rather than asking for people who have written an
> >autofsd to step forward, why not instead start working on this project
> >yourselves and ask for volunteers to HELP you address the problem?
> >That's taking on the problem from the right end, IMHO.
> I agree wholeheartedly Jordan.  My self-interest in the problem has at
> least motivated me enough to go reading the applicable source but I've
> not had time lately to work on actual patches.  I've got a lot of irons
> in the fire at the moment, especially with students being back around
> (I'm a sysadmin at Vanderbilt University) but when things quiet down I
> do intend to work on this.  At the moment I sit daily in front of an SGI
> Indigo2 running IRIX because it's better than Linux and integrates quite
> well with our environment.  I really want a FreeBSD workstation on my
> desk, so I'll likely end up writing the patches just so I can get that
> FreeBSD workstation integrated.  But, no promises on a timeframe so if
> someone else wants to get started now, then by all means charge right
> ahead with it.

Unfortunately my employer doesn't pay me to write code to make
FreeBSD work in our environment and my days of hacking on FreeBSD
at home are finished due to a life and kids.

Maybe I keep pushing on this issue because there have been times in
the past where FreeBSD has been prepared to pay programmers to write
critical project progressing pieces of code.

IMHO I think autofsd is one such piece of code.

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