> Maybe I keep pushing on this issue because there have been times in
> the past where FreeBSD has been prepared to pay programmers to write
> critical project progressing pieces of code.

Well if that's your rationale then you can stop pushing because I can
state categorically that "FreeBSD" doesn't have any money for that
kind of thing and never really did.  Rather, various organizations
with close ties to the FreeBSD project did, on occasion, pay
programmers to write code which coincidently met both the needs of the
organization and were in popular demand.  Unfortunately, those times
and even some of those organizations are now dead.  The cappucino
makers have been packed up, the Audi TT Roadsters out front reposessed
and the fancy lumbar-supporting programmers chairs actioned off by
disappointed venture capitalists.  The year is now 2001.  Please
update your mental model. :-)

- Jordan

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