On Tue, Feb 19, 2002 at 12:50:11PM -0500, Michael Lucas wrote:

Hi Michael,

> It seems that the best we can hope for is to educate some of the
> braver users who are ready to take the next step and are willing to
> donate some time to us.

Agreed. I think there are people out there willing to help and become
testers, they're just afraid of -CURRENT 'horror histories'. Running
-current is not a walk in the park, and no one should attempt to do any
serious work with it, but imho it's stable enough for your average mp3
listening, web browsing and kde/gnome/whathaveyou usage.

> I'm considering doing a series of articles on testing FreeBSD-current,
> including: setting up for kernel dumps, what to type at the debugger
> prompt after a crash, filing a decent bug report, what to expect from
> -current, and so on.  I would also make it clear when to not bother
> filing a bug report (i.e., "You crashed, but had no WITNESS?  Sorry,
> enable WITNESS & try again."). This would be (I suspect) three
> articles, running about a month and a half.

Sounds very good, and yes, most people disable witness so their system
doesn't crawl like a 286 :)

> My question to the community is: is it too early to do this?  If I
> start now, the articles would probably appear April-May.

I don't think it's too early, IMHO it's a very good idea, having
specific info on how to use -CURRENT will be beneficial for the
community and atract more users to it.


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