At 1:08 PM -0500 2/19/02, Michael Lucas wrote:
>In an ideal world, you're correct.
>The real question here should have been: do those people who
>are actively committing rapidly to the tree want to see this
>happen?  They are the people who will realistically have to
>deal with the PRs.

This is the main question of course, and I can't say that I've
seen any of the really active developers comment on it.

I do think it is important to get more people on -current, so
I'm trying to do more with -current myself.  So, for instance,
I've already come across two small errors in -current which
should certainly be fixed before 5.0 "goes -stable".  However,
looking at the bigger issues being discussed in -current right
now, I expect it would be annoying if I bugged anyone about
little cosmetic issues.

I think if Michael writes up anything, it will certainly
encourage more people to use current, including people who might
very well start commenting on the little nit-picking items.  Do
the developers of current want that yet, or will they find it
irritating to have people pointing out minor issues when they
(the developers) are still trying to sort out some of the more
major issues?

Current is fine for me (at the moment at least, and if we ignore
the topic of vmware...), and I do hope to write a few patches to
fix the cosmetic things I do come across.  But are the developers
ready for maybe a hundred more people playing around with current,
and reporting on all kinds of things?

I assume we'd still like 5.0 to "go -stable" in about 8-10 months,
so at which point to we start encouraging more people to jump
into it?

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