:On Wed, May 29, 2002 at 11:26:26AM -0700, Julian Elischer wrote:
:> > 
:> > 9) More gratuitous braces as well as gratuituos ()'s and white space
:> >    changes in ithread_schedule() obfuscate the functional diffs.
:> I guess so though it made it a hell of a lot more readable to me.
:That isn't the issue.  You have posted a diff that you plan to commit in
:an implied one-shot event.  If you really have(want) to make these style
:changes, please commit them, and them alone right now.  That will remove
:them from this patch and make jhb an Co'.s life easier.

    No hold on a minute.  Some of us believe that adding those extra
    braces and parenthesis makes the code a whole lot more readable.  they
    are NOT gratuitous in the least, certainly not from my point of view!

    Furthermore, it is an extreme and inappropriate imposition on Julian
    to require that he extract all the alleged 'gratuitous braces and
    ()'s)' into a separate commit.  Those changes were made by Julian as
    part of his on going work to enable him to work more efficiently on
    the code.  Unless you have a *SPECIFIC* reason related to patching and
    updating code in CVS that requires Julian to commit these separately
    all you are doing is creating hash on the lists and making Julian's
    job more difficult, unnecessarily.

    I will say quite bluntly that in the vast majority of cases on these
    lists where I've seen someone ask for whitespace fixes to be comitted
    separately, I have yet to see any significant (or any at all!) developers
    take advantage of the separate commits when incorporating the work into
    their own development trees.  

    I agree that as a general rule of thumb it makes sense to commit
    whitespace/paren/brace changes separately, but that is ALL it is.
    A rule of thumb.  It should not be followed blindly, on principle,
    if it has an adverse effect on the developer tring to do the work,
    and it certainly should not be made a prerequisit for having good
    work comitted.  I see no benefit to the project or the developer

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