:>     Furthermore, it is an extreme and inappropriate imposition on Julian
:>     to require that he extract all the alleged 'gratuitous braces and
:>     ()'s)' into a separate commit.
:Uh, no it isn't.  That is the rules we operate under.  This type of
:request comes up _daily_, and is generally agreed upon by most
:committers.  Sorry, but the work involved is just part of making commits.

    I see the request come up a lot.  Most of the requests and most of 
    the justification appears to come from people who are acting in
    the role of net-police rather then for any reason actually related to
    development work.  

    If you read the diffs separately in the midst of a review, then good
    for you!  You are an exception to the rule.  I find it a waste of time
    myself.  I just diff the whole damn thing when I review the code so I
    can see everything context and do a single pass over it.  It takes
    less time.  Consider the amount of time Julian would have to waste to
    locate, separate, and commit the pieces, verses the amount of time the
    few (three?) developers likely to review his patches will waste going
    through the crud.  In your case that amount of time wasted will be near
    0 since you say you are looking at the crud along with the meat.  

    Then consider which of the following actions is more appropriate:

        * Hey J, please separate out the whitespace/braces changes and
          make two separate commits before doing anything else.

        * Hey J, the patches look good but I sure would appreciate it if,
          the next time, you would get the whitespace/bracing changes 
          committed and out of the way first.  Don't worry about it this

    In regards to developer relationships and keeping things civil and
    less stressful on the lists, #(2) is the far better solution and, 
    frankly, I think we should *CODIFY* that in the rules certain people
    seem to enjoy quoting so much.

    And that, David, is why the whitespace rules should be a 'rules of thumb'
    rather then a 'you will do this or else' rule.


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