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>    I agree that as a general rule of thumb it makes sense to commit
>    whitespace/paren/brace changes separately, but that is ALL it is.
>    A rule of thumb.  It should not be followed blindly, on principle,
>    if it has an adverse effect on the developer tring to do the work,
>    and it certainly should not be made a prerequisit for having good
>    work comitted.  I see no benefit to the project or the developer
>    community.

For complex patches, which should get good and thorough reviews before
they are committed, avoiding unsubstantial style/whitespace changes from
cluttering the patch should be mandatory.

Julians patch clearly belongs in this category.

Consequently, it is in Julians own interest to get the whitespace/style
changes into the tree first (they don't need a review, if he does
them right) since that makes the patch people have to read through
correspondingly smaller.

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