On Wed, 29 May 2002, Matthew Dillon wrote:

>     I agree that as a general rule of thumb it makes sense to commit
>     whitespace/paren/brace changes separately, but that is ALL it is.
>     A rule of thumb.  It should not be followed blindly, on principle,
>     if it has an adverse effect on the developer tring to do the work,
>     and it certainly should not be made a prerequisit for having good
>     work comitted.  I see no benefit to the project or the developer
>     community.

Thanks for the support Matt, though in this case I don't really mind. I've
been away for the code for a while, and I am looking for things to
clean-up though it to help me get "back into it" :-) so I don't mind doing
a few separate commits here and there..

having said that, 
In this case the braces in question in ithread_schedule are:
-               } else
+               } else {
                        curthread->td_kse->ke_flags |= KEF_NEEDRESCHED;
+               }

I tend to always put braces on the else clause if the 'then' clause
has braces.. it just helps me find the end of the if statement.
The "if" statement in question was rewritten as part of KSE
so Adding the braces on the else clause doesn't seem 'out of scope'
to me.. It's not a tremendous obfuscation, because the clause
in question needs to be considered to understand the  change..

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