On Wed, 29 May 2002, Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:

> In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Matthew Dillon w
> rites:
> >    I agree that as a general rule of thumb it makes sense to commit
> >    whitespace/paren/brace changes separately, but that is ALL it is.
> >    A rule of thumb.  It should not be followed blindly, on principle,
> >    if it has an adverse effect on the developer tring to do the work,
> >    and it certainly should not be made a prerequisit for having good
> >    work comitted.  I see no benefit to the project or the developer
> >    community.
> For complex patches, which should get good and thorough reviews before
> they are committed, avoiding unsubstantial style/whitespace changes from
> cluttering the patch should be mandatory.
> Julians patch clearly belongs in this category.
> Consequently, it is in Julians own interest to get the whitespace/style
> changes into the tree first (they don't need a review, if he does
> them right) since that makes the patch people have to read through
> correspondingly smaller.

Generally I agree with this statement.. in the case of the braces in
question, they are part of an if statement that got rewritten
so I'm slightly surprised that they are considered "unrelated"
to the patch. I'm happy to commit it separatly right nowe
though, as it's another 6 line less of diff :-)

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