* From Matthew Dillon <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>     No hold on a minute.  Some of us believe that adding those extra
>     braces and parenthesis makes the code a whole lot more readable.  they
>     are NOT gratuitous in the least, certainly not from my point of view!

When you make the code more readable, you introduce further diffs, and you
leave no reference against the original code of where the functional changes
are.  Either make the "base" code cleaned up by committing non-functional
changes first, or commit against the "base" code your functional changes,
and then clean it up.  Otherwise, it's a pain in the ass to sort things out.

And for what it's worth, I'm all for readability improvements in our code, I
just also like to go and view diffs sometimes and try to figure out what's

But I think you're also right on the rule of thumb thing, if someone does not
want to do this favor to everyone who might want to read diffs or annotate
changes to the code and get something meaningful, that's fine.  I've done it
plenty of times myself.  However, I tend to do that locally first, and then
commit the harmless things as I go.  If you ever look through one of my WIP
repos (~jmallett/cvs on Freefall currently holds one, my sccs repo, as I did
and do believe others should have easy access to it), I tend to piggyback a
lot of stylistic nits, etc. as I go...  But I don't think it's fair to do
the merge like you're saying...  But back to where this started, it's just a
rule of thumb.

Furthermore, it'd be nice if as people made stylistic changes for outside
projects they committed them to the central repository, where applicable.

Anyway, I'm out of paint.

Good day.
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