Matthew Dillon wrote:
>     But that is not what is going on here.  Not by a long shot.  We have
>     people on this list that complain over the smallest 'infraction' of the
>     rules, and then jump up the alleged significance of the event by
>     foretelling gloom and doom and the end of all things if the rules are
>     not followed exactly to a T.
>     It MUST STOP.  It is not good for the development community or the
>     project.

Rules are what seperate us from the apes.

Apes with Internet access, degrees in CS, a working knowledge of
CVS, an ability to code, mailing list access, and commit bits.

Oh wait.  That was "the ability to grow UNIX guru beards" that
seperated us from the apes.  Never mind...


I can see both sides of the argument.

I've seen the "please make style commits seperately" argument used
to squelch style changes, which are nearly impossible to justify
on their own.

I've also seen style changes go in with other changes, and the
style changes just ended up being gratuitous diffs against the
other BSD's, and made it harder to share code.

Mostly, I dislike both points: the first is to prevent necessary
change, and the second might be attributable to laziness.  I've
personally posted patches that inverted the logic of functions,
which people have claimed were style changes.  I guess they were,
until you later go in and add the asserts on entry/exit lock
state, etc..


Julian's penchant for putting squiggly braces around single
statements is something I ran into when working with him at

Frankly, it doesn't bother me one way or the other.  It's mostly
useless (IMO), but it makes it easier to put in debugging
statements that don't end up changing logic (Julian's initial
argument to me; I like putting adjunct squigglies in the first
column with the debugging statements themselves, personally).

As gratuitous diffs go, these are incredibly minor.  I think
most gratuitous diffs disappear anyway, when you make "diff"
ignore whitespace.  Most complaints work out to be an inability
on the part of the maintainer to work "diff", and whining that
because they can't work the back end of the hammer, no one should
use the front end of one to pound in nails, because they would be
unable to pull them out later wigth their own hammers.  My answer
to that is "a craftsman knows his tools".

Hell, if it makes things easier for Julian to put in more code,
then it's OK with me.  He's done the lion's share of work on
getting KSE into FreeBSD so far (IMO).

That's my opinion, FWIW.

-- Terry

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